Our horses are selected for their abilities to evolve in urban environment allowing us to meet your expectations and your needs in complete safety.

Here is our cavalry composed of draft horses: Comtois, Brabant, Boulogne, percherons and Norman Cob ...


The Comtois is a breed of horse of average size, own to the Franche-Comté. Of German origin and perhaps Burgundy, it is especially present in France and Switzerland.

Size: 1.50 to 1.65 m
Weight: from 650 to 800 kg approximately
Dress: mostly chestnut or dark copper, washed hair (mahogany color with blond hair in non-technical terms).


Percheron is the best known of French horse breeds. This draft horse comes from the legend of Arab stallions brought to the county of Perche in the eighth century. It probably results from a long selection by its breeders.

Weight: 500 to 1200 kg
Size: 1.60 to 1.85 m
Dress: gray or black


The Norman Cob is a breed of bodywork horse "for two purposes", from Lower Normandy. He is from the nineteenth century Norman coachbuilder, light crossover horse with Norfolk trotter and Thoroughbred.

Weight: 550 kg to 900 kg
Size: 1.58 m to 1.71 m
Dress: Bay, black pangare or chestnut


The Boulonnais, nicknamed the "thoroughbred draft horses" or the "white marble colossus", is a draft horse breed originating from Boulogne, on the coast of the English Channel, and historically high in all the Pas-de -Calais, Picardy and the country of Caux, France.

Weight: 600 kg to 1 ton
Size: 1.60 to 1.75 meters
Dress: Gray in all shades, more rarely chestnut or black


The Belgian trait, sometimes still named Brabant or Brabant, is a draft horse breed originating in Belgium, born from the fusion of several populations of traction horses present on the Belgian territory in 1886, including the Flemish horse, the Brabant (the heavier), the condroz (medium model), and the Belgian Ardennes (the lightest).

Size: About 1.63 to 1.73m
Dress: Usually chestnut or roan, but it can also be berry or iron gray
Weight: 900 kg to 1 ton
Weight: 900 kg to 1 ton